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QuranCode is a comprehensive Quran similarity and numerical research platform.
any translation, any tafseer, any reciter, any letter-value system, and word-by-word grammar.

NEWS: 15 January 2015 Dr Haifeng Xu and Zuyi Zhang at the Mathematics Department, Yangzhou University, China have identified the 7 verses, 29 words and 139 letters of the first chapter of the Quran as the first prime triplet in a series with consecutive prime digit sums (7=7, 2+9=11, 1+3+9=13) and left-to-right (729139) and right-to-left (139297) prime with a prime digit sums (7+2+9+1+3+9=31) concatenations. Dr Xu named the series the Quran Triplets and has found the chapter-verse directed graph QuranGrid is a closed system.

These findings are part of the study into the amazing 114 Quran Numbers using QuranCode, PrimeCalculator and QuranLab software.

QuranCode 1433

Symmetry of the Quran

First 7 verses = 29 words
First 7 words  = 29 letters

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الحمد لله رب العلمين
الرحمن الرحيم
ملك يوم الدين
اياك نعبد واياك نستعين
اهدنا الصرط المستقيم
صرط الذين انعمت عليهم غير المغضوب عليهم ولا الضالين

Last  7 verses = 29 words
Last  7 words  = 29 letters

ومن شر حاسد اذا حسد
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم قل اعوذ برب الناس
ملك الناس
اله الناس
من شر الوسواس الخناس
الذي يوسوس في صدور الناس
من الجنه والناس

is the 7th prime number with prime digit sum (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 23, 29, ...)
29 is a Fermat's 4n+1 prime with n = 7
109 letters in the first 7 verses of the Quran are letters of verse 1 (Bism Allah ArRahmaan ArRaheem).
109 letters in the last  7 verses of the Quran are letters of chapter 1 (The Key).
Prime repunits have 2, 19, 23, 317, 1031, 49081, 86453, 109297, 270343 "1"s. []

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QuranCode supports the following letter-valuation systems:

      Text Simplification Mode = { Original, Simplified28, Simplified29, user-defined}
      Letter Order System       = { Alphabet, Appearance, Frequency, Abjad, user-defined }
      Letter Value System       = { Linear, Primes, Frequency, Gematria, user-defined }

Primalogy was derived from surat Al-Fatiha. It assigns prime values (Primes) to the 28 Arabic letters in alphabetical order (Alphabet) and 1 for the standalone hamza as seen in the simplified Quran text down to 29 letters (Simplified29). QuranCode also supports dynamically calculated letter-value systems based on current part/chapter/verse selection, or on the currently highlighted text, with optional letter/word/verse/chapter positions added to each letter value. 

The Key chapter

Al-Quran literally means "The Readable" despite being encrypted with Prime Numbers as evident by the 7 verses, 29 words, and 139 letters of chapter #1 The Key (الفاتحة). These are all prime numbers (divisible by themselves and 1 only) and the sums of their digits are also prime numbers [7=7, 2+9=11, 1+3+9=13]. What’s more, joining these numbers left-to-right 729139 or right-to-left 139297 also produce prime numbers with a prime digit sum [7+2+9+1+3+9=31]. Such primes are called Additive Prime Numbers.

In Quran 15:87 Allah Almighty says that He has given us seven of the oft-repeated verses and the Great Quran explained by our Prophet (pbuh+f) as the seven verses of chapter The Key (الفاتحة) as it is recited twice in each prayer. That means that the Book is really divided into two parts: a Key part and an Encrypted Message part.

Indeed, the two parts show the same pattern of additive prime numbers for both chapter distribution [114 = 1 + 113 where 1 is the Unit and 1+1+3=5 is a prime digit sum] and verse distribution [6236 = 7 + 6229 with 6+2+2+9=19] . And Glory to Him made chapter The Key (الفاتحة) to have a Primalogy value of 8317 which is prime with a prime digit sum [8+3+1+7=19].

Finally, Aminreza Saba has found that the first 7 words of the chapter have 29 letters while Hadi Al-Thehabi has found that the 7th word of the chapter starts with letter R "ر" which has a Primalogy value of 29. And just as a hint, chapter #36 (YaSeen) is called the Heart of the Quran and has 729 words (3*3*3*3*3*3).

The Quran encryption is a multi-stage process as Allah has challenged us five times in the Quran to produce a text like it as follows:

1. Challenge to produce a saying like it in Quran 52:34:
فَلْيَأْتُوا۟ بِحَدِيثٍۢ مِّثْلِهِۦٓ إِن كَانُوا۟ صَٰدِقِينَ
52:34 "Let them then produce a recital like unto it,- If they speak the truth!" 

2. Challenge to produce a book like it in Quran 17:88:
قُل لَّئِنِ ٱجْتَمَعَتِ ٱلْإِنسُ وَٱلْجِنُّ عَلَىٰٓ أَن يَأْتُوا۟ بِمِثْلِ هَٰذَا ٱلْقُرْءَانِ لَا يَأْتُونَ بِمِثْلِهِۦ وَلَوْ كَانَ بَعْضُهُمْ لِبَعْضٍۢ ظَهِيرًۭا
17:88 Say: "If the whole of mankind and Jinns were to gather together to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support."

3. Challenge to produce 10 chapters like it in Quran 11:13:
أَمْ يَقُولُونَ ٱفْتَرَىٰهُ ۖ قُلْ فَأْتُوا۟ بِعَشْرِ سُوَرٍۢ مِّثْلِهِۦ مُفْتَرَيَٰتٍۢ وَٱدْعُوا۟ مَنِ ٱسْتَطَعْتُم مِّن دُونِ ٱللَّهِ إِن كُنتُمْ صَٰدِقِينَ
11:13 Or they may say, "He forged it," Say, "Bring ye then ten Suras forged, like unto it, and call (to your aid) whomsoever ye can, other than Allah!- If ye speak the truth!"

4. Challenge to produce 1 chapter like it is also in Quran 10:38:
أَمْ يَقُولُونَ ٱفْتَرَىٰهُ ۖ قُلْ فَأْتُوا۟ بِسُورَةٍۢ مِّثْلِهِۦ وَٱدْعُوا۟ مَنِ ٱسْتَطَعْتُم مِّن دُونِ ٱللَّهِ إِن كُنتُمْ صَٰدِقِينَ
10:38 Or do they say, "He forged it"? Say: "Bring then a Sura like unto it, and call (to your aid) anyone you can other than Allah,- If ye speak the truth!!"

5. Challenge to produce 1 chapter like it in Quran 2:23:
وَإِن كُنتُمْ فِى رَيْبٍۢ مِّمَّا نَزَّلْنَا عَلَىٰ عَبْدِنَا فَأْتُوا۟ بِسُورَةٍۢ مِّن مِّثْلِهِۦ وَٱدْعُوا۟ شُهَدَآءَكُم مِّن دُونِ ٱللَّهِ إِن كُنتُمْ صَٰدِقِينَ
2:23 "And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed to Our servant, then produce a Sura like thereunto; and call (to your aid) your witnesses or helpers other than Allah!- If ye speak the truth!"

The Quran is divided into chapters called Sura سورة or a perimeter surrounding an exclusion zone or area. Each chapter is further subdivided into verses of different lengths each called Aya ءاية or a revelation as an encryption block. Therefore, the Quran might be encrypted using a variable-length encryption blocks, variable both in number of words and number of letters (per word). Allah knows all.

QuranCode was developed to support the 2008 (1429AH) discovery of prime numbers as keys to unlocking the hidden layers of the Quran. Prime numbers are used as keys in public key cryptography to exchange secret messages.

The first chapter of the Quran named Al-Fatiha meaning The Opener not The Opening (as many think) is built on prime number to show that it is the key to unlocking The Message of the Quran (the other 113 chapters with 6229 verses) which makes up the first layer of the Quran text.

God in the Quran hints to the multi-layer nature of the Quran text in 18:109:

قُل لَّوْ كَانَ ٱلْبَحْرُ مِدَادًۭا لِّكَلِمَٰتِ رَبِّى لَنَفِدَ ٱلْبَحْرُ قَبْلَ أَن تَنفَدَ كَلِمَٰتُ رَبِّى وَلَوْ جِئْنَا بِمِثْلِهِۦ مَدَدًۭا
Say: "If the ocean were ink to write out the Words of my Lord, the ocean would run out before the Words of my Lord, even if we double the supply."

And when you know that it is next-to-impossible to produce readable cipher text after you encrypt plain text, then the name Al-Quran reveals its true meaning as The Readable, not The Most Read Book (as many think). This is why God All-Knowing challenges Man and Jinn to produce a single chapter like it.

God All-knowing challenges us five times in the Quran to produce a text like it. Once to produce a book like it, another  to produce a saying like it, another to produce 10 chapters like it, and finally twice to produce one chapter like it. This suggests that the encryption of the hidden text of the Quran was done in stages. First at chapter level (as evident from the word Ibrahim that is written in chapter Al-Baqarah 15 times without letter Yaa unlike in the other 54 times in the rest of the Quran with letter Yaa), then each 10 chapters together, then the whole book in one go to produce this final Readable text that teaches us the Best Law for living this lower life (deen for dunya rules) and yet conceals all knowledge behind it as per Quran 16:89:

وَيَوْمَ نَبْعَثُ فِى كُلِّ أُمَّةٍۢ شَهِيدًا عَلَيْهِم مِّنْ أَنفُسِهِمْ ۖ وَجِئْنَا بِكَ شَهِيدًا عَلَىٰ هَٰٓؤُلَآءِ ۚ وَنَزَّلْنَا عَلَيْكَ ٱلْكِتَٰبَ تِبْيَٰنًۭا لِّكُلِّ شَىْءٍۢ وَهُدًۭى وَرَحْمَةًۭ وَبُشْرَىٰ لِلْمُسْلِمِينَ
One day We shall raise from all Peoples a witness against them, from amongst themselves: and We shall bring thee as a witness against these (thy people): and We have sent down to thee the Book explaining all things, a Guide, a Mercy, and Glad Tidings to Muslims.

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