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qurancode full explanation

Jul 5, 2014 at 5:44 PM
Salam brother and thank you for asking Allah swt to bless us and the same to you and all readers too in sha Allah.
  1. The purpose of the geometric shapes is to change the TYPE of drawing for the current selection.
    Try to select few chapters (or all with Ctl+A inside the chapter list) and then click on a drawing mode { L = Letters, W = Words, "Allah" words, words with "Allah" } and when the drawing is visible, NOW click on the geometric shape to change the current drawing to Square, Horizontal Gloden Ratio Rectangle, Vertical Gloden Ratio Rectangle, Square Spiral (, Circular Spiral, and multi-layer animated squares).
  2. The left bottom drop down menu automatically loads Research Methods from the standalone "Research.dll" library to allow users to run specialized research queries.
    If you start QuranCode while holding the Ctrl+Shift keys down until the splash screen appears, you will enter the Research Edition of QuranCode with many more research methods, some of which may require few hours to run. Also some of the research methods require parameters and this is the purpose of the box that sometimes appear for those methods if they contain X, Y, Z, etc. in their names.
  3. The tafseer tab can load any tafseer the user puts in the Tafseer folders and restart QuranCode.
    Currently, there is no complete tafseer per verse (aya) such that each verse will have its own htm file as follows:
001000.htm (Chapter 1 overview)
001001.htm (Verse 1:1 tafseer)
001002.htm (Verse 1:2 tafseer)
114000.htm (Chapter 114 overview)
114006.htm (Verse 114:6 tafseer)

One brother is trying to format tafseer Ibn Katheer and when he finishes (and if he wishes to share it) then it will be added to QuranCode in sha Allah, if I am still alive and still have access to the Internet.

Thank you once again and please ask more questions so other users can learn too.


Ali Adams
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