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Geomitrical Shapes and Sellecting Quran Text

Jul 7, 2014 at 7:46 PM
Al-hamdu liAllah, the drawings are for searching for visual patterns behind the word/letters values until someone find the correct valuation system soon in sha Allah. Currently Primalogy is the nearest to correct but may be incomplete. See

And yes of course you can auto-repeat any selection you wish (1 verse, multiple verses, pages, chapters, parts, the whole Quran if you wish too to keep it running while you are away to protect your house :). The way to do that is as follows:

1) Enter the number of the selection you want to memorize (example: page 313, so just enter 313 in the Page textbox at the top bar and hit Enter. QuranCode will display the page for you. If you want specific verses, you can enter their numbers in the Chapter text box. For example 2:255-257 will display ayat Al-Kursi and the two ayas after it.
2) Click the "Repeat Selection" button in the Audio Player so it becomes blue (enabled).
3) Optionally, adjust the silence time between verses if you want to practice saying the aya yourself. Slide the slide bar under the Audio Player.
4) Play :)