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QuranCode 1433

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Released: Nov 11, 2017
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Release Notes

► Ctrl+Click a word to display verses with related words from the same root.
► New updated root database (thanks to brother Yudi Rohmad, Indonesia).
► Auto display of 4n+1 Prime = Sum and difference of two squares.
► Auto display of 4n+1 Composite = Difference of two squares in two ways.
► Front-Back Symmetry (WordLetters, VerseWords, VerseLetters).
► Waleed's CPIndexChain System. See QuranCode\Help\114.txt Pattern 619.
► Base-2: valuation system with byte size = word length
Key letters = 1, Others = 0
Initial letters = 1, Others = 0
Solar letters = 1, Lunar letters = 0
Lunar letters = 1, Solar letters = 0
► Base-3: valuation system with byte size = word length
KeyInitials = 2, KeyNonInitials = 1, Others = 0
► Base-4: valuation system with byte size = word length
InitialsSolar: InitialSolar=3, Initial=2, Solar=1, Others=0
InitialsLunar: InitialLunar=3, Initial=2, Lunar=1, Others=0
SolarInitials: SolarInitial=3, Solar=2, Initial=1, Others=0
LunarInitials: LunarInitial=3, Lunar=2, Initial=1, Others=0
The inspiration comes from Abdulsalam Al-Mayahi who suggested that:
Quran 35:1 "In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful. All praise belongs to Allah, originator of the heavens and the earth, maker of the angels His Messengers, possessing wings, two, three or four of them. He adds to the creation whatever He wishes. Indeed Allah has power over all things."
may mean base-2, base-3 and base-4 number systems respectively :)
► Full information for Allah, non-Allah, repeated, and all Quran words
► Display number of verses before and after current verse within its chapter and within the whole Quran
► C, V, C+V, C-V classification into Odd/Even and Prime/Composite for current chapters
► C, V, C+V, C-V classification into Odd/Even and Prime/Composite for current verses
► Single-click selection of initialized chapters (الحروف المقطعة) and non-initialized chapters
► Calculate the LetterFrequencySum for any user phrase in each verse in all selected chapters
► Visual representation of found matches per chapter using different color shades
► Alert of values that are divisible by any user-defined divisor
► Support for IndoPak font family (thanks to brother Tariq Mahmood, Pakistan)
► Waw as a word option in any Simplified text mode
► Shadda as a double letter option in any Simplified text mode
► BismAllah chapter prefixes option in any Simplified text mode. BismAllah of surat Al-Fatiha is not a prefix but verse #1
► Multi-select in Word Frequency List sorted in descending order
► Multi-select in Letter Frequency List with immediate sum prime factorization
► Assign DNA symbols (A T C G) to the Arabic alphabet in prime number proportions (Belkacem Meghzouchene, Algeria)
► Golden ratio verse colorization in all text modes at letter/word/sentence levels with both 1 0.618 and 0.618 1 directions
► Support for any tafseer in any language with one CCCVVV.htm file per verse
► Find sentences by numbers (words/letters/value)
► Find sentences by letter frequency sum
► Verse translations in all selected languages are displayed at the same time
► Dynamic letter scope to build numerology system from selected text/selection/Book
► Display Original text but use Simplified29 word/letter counts
► Chapter detailed info as you move over each chapter
► Active hyperlink words as you move over words and click to take you to all verses with words of the same root.
► Calculate any mathematical including + - * / ^ pi e phi sin cos log ... (in number bases 2 to 36)
► Improved search in emlaaei to find hamza + elf = elf memdooda Thanks to Ali Pouradam
► FindByNumbers words / sentences / verses / chapters by numbers, words, letters, unique letters, value, or their sums
► FindByNumbers word ranges / verse ranges / chapter ranges by sum of numbers, chapters, verses, words, letters, unique letters, value, or their sums
► FindByNumbers word sets / verse sets / chapter sets by sum of numbers, chapters, verses, words, letters, unique letters, value, or their sums
► FindByNumbers supports all comparison operators and MultipleOf N and IndivisibleBy N (with user-defined remainder)
► F1 for Help
► F2 for Bookmarks
► F3/Shift+F3 to navigate forward/backward through search results
► F4 or right-click for Related Words as current selected text or word under mouse pointer
► F5 or right-click for Related Verses as current verse under mouse pointer
► F6 or right-click for Same Text as current selected text or word under mouse pointer
► F7 or right-click for Same Text and Harakat as current selected text or word under mouse pointer
► F8 or right-click for Same Verses containing current verse under mouse pointer
► F9 or right-click for Same Value text as current selected text or verse under mouse pointer
► Play Previous verse and Play Next verse buttons added to mp3 player
► Dynamic keyboard for each text mode with optional harakat inclusion
► Optional addition of L, W, V, C, ∆L, ∆W, ∆V, ∆C to letter value
► Optional addition of W, V, C, ∆W, ∆V, ∆C to word value
► Optional addition of V, C, ∆V, ∆C to verse value
► Optional addition of C to chapter value
► Search in current translation or in all currently installed translations
► Search in current text mode or in all text modes in case user enters non-simplified letters in a simplified text mode
► Search by root with multi-root support and +/- include/exclude options
► Find by Letter Frequency Sum supports all comparison operators
► WORDS search supports "-" and "+" at word start to exclude or include words respectively
► Zoom support for all translation languages
► Silence between verses from 0.0 to 2.0 times the verse length in 0.1 increments
► Text zoom-in/zoom-out and graph zoom-in/zoom-out
► Full statistics of the word Allah and its derivatives (2816 in total)
► Draw the locations of the word "Allah" in the current selection
► Draw selection letter/word values as square, golden ratios, or spirals
► Sort chapters by number, name, revelation, verses, words, letters, or value
► Direct chapter/verse entry (1, 3-4, 5:55, 3-4:19, 6:19-23, 24:35-27:62)
► Direct page, station, part, group, half, quarter, bowing, verse, word, letter entry (1, 1-2, ...)
► Word grammar in Arabic and English adapted from
► Chapter/Verse/Word/Letter distances on text clicks across pages or across search results
► Word meaning and transliteration as mouse moves over words
► Auto-download recitations in any reciter from with auto-repeat 2, 3, 5, 7 or unlimited times.
► Auto-download translations from
► Auto-detect search language (Arabic or any loaded translation)
► Back/Shift+Back to move backward/forward in browse or find history
► Ctrl+Click to find all related words to word at cursor
► Find History and Browse History (with auto-select chapter range)
► Add, remove, edit and auto-save/auto-load Bookmark notes
► Support for base 2-36 number systems (to study base-19)
► Support for any user defined SimplifiedXX Quran books
► Any-language search in Uthmani, Emlaei, Turkish, Farsi, Urdu, Malay, Indonesian, English, Polish, Russian, Chinese, ...
► QuranLab for investigating the amazing properties of the 114 number of verses per chapter in the Quran
► InitialLetters to form sentences using the 14 Quran's initial letters (Hiroof Muqata3a) and Quran words only
► Prime Calculator with built-in Yafu tool for factoring big numbers with next/previous prime finder
► Prime Calculator with missing parameter calculations for circle/sphere/triangle
► Composites for finding composites with specified number of factors and analyze their types

God bless and protect those who follow His Commandments.

Ali Adams
God >

Reviews for this release

All numbers beyond 9 are comprised the whole numbers 1-9 excluding '0'. All double digit e.g '56' (5+6) numbers can be simplified into a single number by adding all digits together until you reach a whole number. Example '14569' 1+4+5+6+9=25 2+5=7 If you add the ONLY the Chapter numbers of the Surahs (1-114) that DO NOT start with the Muqattaʿāt (random letters) the TOTAL = 5733 (5+7+3+3=18) 1+8=9 E.g. Surah 1 + Surah 4 + Surah 5 etc. (Please do the calculation yourself to confirm) The second Ayat of the Muqattaʿāt is that there are ONLY FOUR Surahs that are titled with Muqattaʿāt (random letters). These surahs are Surah 20 Ta Ha Surah 36 Ya Sin Surah 38 Sad Surah 50 Qaf 20 36 + 38 50 _________ 144 1+4+4 = 9
by Omari on Feb 6 at 5:54 AM
Salam brother, This is called Digital Root and if you move your review to the Discussions section, we can discuss it in details in sha Allah.Please read all files in the Help folder of QuranCode, especially 114.txt. Welcome.
Reply by silverlight5 (N/A) on Feb 12 at 1:38 AM
Well Done !!
by abdihaikal on May 19, 2016 at 2:18 AM
worthy Software for learn Quran ever
by illujodi on Sep 30, 2015 at 5:34 PM
It is amazing all the data and all the pedagogic in this software and downloads material. Fine, above at all I want to reinforce the five points :) and that I am proceeding, almost since the beginning. The material was far from be easy at the beginning and only now I am feeling out of this 'beginning'. I never thought to learn so much.
by Yhochanan on Sep 18, 2015 at 6:51 PM
QuranCode is the sprinboard for QuranGrid which uses Grid Computing to enable research within the infinite search space of the Readable Ciphertext of the Quran.
by qurangrid on May 12, 2013 at 12:23 AM
Excellent Quran software with all functionality in one screen.
by piephi on Apr 22, 2013 at 4:37 PM
One of the best Quran software (free or commercial). The search by similarity and by number of words/letters is very useful for any Quran research. The live statistics as you move from one verse to the next is amazing ...
by heliwave on May 22, 2012 at 5:00 AM